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2017 Year in Review

Kathy Jonsrud, Water Quality Committee Chair kjonsrud@yahoo.com

2017 Water Quality Values on Cedar the Best in Decades
The results are in! Samples are regularly taken from our lake during the summer months by the Clearwater River Watershed District. Analysis is done by a laboratory.

We again had outstanding water quality values on Cedar in 2017. This year’s cooler temperatures can contribute to seasonal improved water quality, but our trend towards outstanding quality is very strong. Many commented on how clear the water was this year. Some found sunglasses and wrenches that had been lost in the water long ago. Clearly, our Clearwater River Watershed District project implemented in 2006--and with recent enhancements-- is delivering results, even with several years of multiple inch rain events.

Here’s a summary of our 2017 values:


* The gold standard for monitoring lake water quality is the phosphorus level. A good lake is considered to have a level less than 40ug/l. The average 2017 phosphorus level in Cedar was 21 ug/L which is very close to our project goal of 20 ug/L.

* The big news was the outstanding secchi depth (clarity) reading of 11.3 feet (3.4meters). This beats the latest record in 2016 and is the best clarity since we started regular monitoring in 1993.

*  The chlorophyll was 6 ug/L which indicates limited algae blooms.

 We should take delight that all our stewardship has manifested in significant improvement in water quality. Each of our individual actions is important; from financial support for projects to mindful enjoyment of our beautiful lake.





Manned AIS Inspections on Cedar
As serious lake people know, there is not a magic bullet to prevent aquatic invasive species from entering our lake. Education is the key! In 2017, a total of 1,396 inspections were done on Cedar (CTY RD 6, Schroeder Park).  Along with the DNR and Wright County inspections on CTY RD 6, CLCC funded an additional 112 hours of inspections. Additionally, CLCC and Wright County Parks parked funded an additional 174  hours at the Schroeder Park launch.

Wright County AIS Prevention Aid
The Minnesota Legislature allocates $10 million per year directly to Minnesota counties to help fight the spread of aquatic invasive species. Wright County received $225K in 2017. Wright Soil & Water Conservation District (WSWCD) is charged with leading this local effort. 2017 areas of focus for the AIS Prevention Aid in Wright County included:

  • AIS treatment assistance to lake associations. Cedar received $4,512 in grant monies from Wright County this year.
  • Manned inspections at lake accesses.
  • Decontamination program
  • Rapid response protocol for early zebra mussel infestation.

Water Quality Committee Responsibilities
The Water Quality Committee is a very active CLCC committee. The committee is responsible for:

  • managing aquatic invasive species treatment
  • monitoring water quality
  • engaging with government entities to preserve and improve water quality
  • providing lake community education. 


Water Quality


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